Wednesday, 18 February 2015


A Text Book on Environmental Studies
Edited by Sukanta Sarkar
Mangalam Publishers and Distributors,NewDelhi,2014,vii+319,price 1050/

This edited book contains 22 articles on environment which are  classified by environmental imbalance,women and climate change,pollution, deforestation,and sustainable development.
Environmental imbalance covers imbalance ,crisis,warming and hydroelectricity, heatwave and wildfire,ozone depletion,and solution.
Gender and and climate change covers climate negotiations,climate change and biodiversity,GHG,tribal people and climate change,politics of gender and climate change,and water scarcity.
In the pollution part, deforestation,mining and deforestation and force of deforestation in tribals were discussed.
In the sustainable development part, the articles on need for environmental protection ,policy of relocation and rehabilization of population living in Dal lake,impact of over exploitation of forest resources,environmental education and ecolabels and greenovators were included.
Dr.Debesh Bhowmik and Dr.Preeti Kathuria on their article “Climate Change Negotiations:The Crises on Environment and the Way Forward” discussed the climate change agreements from international institutions like WMO,IPCC, UNFCCC, UNEP,WTO etc and their reports and recommendations.The results and impacts of all the historical negotiations is explained in this article.Its impact on REDD, LULUCF, GCF were explained in details.The future of warming and the task before the negotiators was analysed in the context of climate finance targets. Why it is the central part of the global warming is clarified fruitfully.(p93-108)

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