Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dr.Debesh Bhowmik

The facebook is a scientific tool today to communicate among people and also it serves as a social site of networking. Millions of people in innumerable fields are linked to it directly or indirectly. Some are showing their creative nature, some are giving important news and some are sharing with life and philosophy. Most interesting is to note that politics is clouded its field. Some are using it as a business tool in commerce and business in home or abroad. But, so many fake account holders are there who are  creating traps everyday and so many criminals are also using it for their interest. Young girls and boys attract too much to facebook world today because of its huge uses like google talk, posting picture, videos, files and so on but most of them are showing their profile incomplete and even false or fake statements .They donot wish to expose of themselves but create problems to others. They don’t use their actual names and own’s  photographs. Even they did not even attach date of birth, address, phone number , EmailID, websites etc , yet they appeared in this social sites and acted regularly. The boys and girls randomly use google talks , and posting several pictures buying cameras spending valuable times and exchange views among themselves pretending as friends without knowing the real meaning of friend.In most of the google talk they are experimenting.As a matter of fact , they are harming themselves directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, on the other hand, harming to their friends also( if a meaningful friend in real term).They believe occasionally but in every case they are acting because they are following film heroes and heroines  and even  posting figures of heroes and heroines. Most interesting to note that some young boys and girls used their profile photographs posting heroes  and heroines but hiding  themselves.They became proud that they have 100,200,500 friends in their profile.But, all of them donot know each other,yet they claim that they are friends.How it is possible, I donot realize.Yet it is the fact. As a result, number of criminal offences are stipulating very quickly. Even some are encashing  to create  in various traps. 

Besides, there are so many cyber crimes  in which facebook lovers met incidentally.Even , some suicide cases occurred due to misunderstanding and love affairs. However, good and bad are both the sides of the facebook world. Most of the interested people in it are showing their creative nature with intellectual mobility with carefully neglecting and insulting others and getting fun and source of jokes everyday. Unless it is stopped, the usefulness of social sites of facebook is becoming ugly. No body knows its destiny unless we became careful, moralist , honest, trustworthy and farsighted. We should utilize this modern invention in an orientation so that it can help all and can give peace in the abode where we live in. You may or may not share with me.  

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